Activgoldens  "Black Caviar" 




ActivGoldens Black Caviar 

(Dexster x Nessy)

20   /   11   /   2018

ActivGoldens "Black Caviar"  AKA "Nelly" was breed here in Australia via artificial insemination from imported semen from a imported Scottish bitch Nessy. Nelly's Father in the mighty "Dexster", who is currently the No 1 sire in the UK and seeing I firmly believe the English and Scottish Field Golden retrieves are far Superior to dogs from any other country would say he is the best sire in the world. Such is his popularity it is already hard to find bloodlines without this amazing dog. He is already regarded as one of the best dogs of all time with many believing he will be on of if not the most influenciable sire is history such id his brilliance,

She is an incredible little dog, being so loving and incredibly intelligent. She picks up everything I put to her in her training like no other dog I have ever seen. She has a massive desire to please and gives her best 110% of the time. She is an absolute pleasure to be around with her happy go lucky attitude and gentle nature.

She is fantastic with kids and is very gentle even with my one year old nephew.

I feel extremely honored for her breeder Lewis, to allow me to bring her all the way across the other side of the world and for my great friend Margaret for raising her for me.

She is such a loyal loving dog, every morning and night she greats me with immense happiness, this gives me an injection of happiness every time I see her. In training her, and the success as she learns each exercise in obedience gives me great pleasure and enjoyment.

I wish everyone could get as much enjoyment from their dogs as I do from my beautiful Nessy girl.


 "Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make her wag her tail."

- Kinky Friedman

Nessy Wins at at her second obedience Trial ! Smart little Girl.

Nessy’s third trial in as many weekends which was a double header (AM / PM Trial) she came home with 2 seconds however both where quantifying scores of 184 & 188 towards her first Obedience Title.  Well done Ness.!!!


Nessy’s has an outstanding pedigree with no less than SIX Field champions in the first five generations.

Health Scores

- Hip Score of 10  ( Breed Average 11) 

- Elbow score Grade 1  

- Clear Cardiac Certificate

- Clear Eye Examination Certificate

** All available on Request and happy to discuss.