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When Buying a Activ Golden retriever you have confidence that you are purchasing a 100% Field Golden Retriever from imported bloodlines that is highly intelligence, has great energy, is extremely trainable and most of all to be an amazing dog...

Puppy Purchase Process

1. Please fill out the below Questionnaire application to be considered for a Activ Golden Puppy.


Please e-mail to once complete.

2. Once your application is approved a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to be added to the puppy wait-list.

          * You will advised when the next likely litter is and once the bitch is confirmed in Pup you will be informed.  

          * for any reason a puppy isn't available from that litter you will be offered a full refund.

Interstate Transport


** Flights must be a direct flight, include pick from Activ Goldens and at purchases.

Tel: 0403 302020


Rhys Ryan, Brisbane, QLD 


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Breeding wonderful dogs for intelligence, energy, trainability and most of all to be a fantastic family member!!!

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