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Bringing the Best UK bloodlines to Australia.

Welcome to our website, dedicated to the UK field Golden Retriever—a breed that truly excels as a family companion. Renowned for their deep loyalty and affection, our UK field Golden Retrievers establish profound connections with their families, becoming much more than pets; they are cherished family members.

Our dogs are celebrated for their intelligence and adaptability. Whether serving as obedience dogs, therapy animals, or beloved family pets, they consistently impress with their capabilities and enrich daily life with their companionship. These retrievers are not only smart but also emotionally intuitive, providing unconditional love, maintaining confidences, and offering nonjudgmental support, making them outstanding companions in any circumstance.

UK field Golden Retrievers are particularly skilled in interacting with a wide array of individuals, from the delight of children who enjoy their gentle, affectionate nature, to providing comfort to Alzheimer’s patients with their calming presence.

If you’re looking for a dog that is easygoing, friendly, and thrives on being part of the family, the UK field Golden Retriever is an ideal choice. These dogs treasure the time they spend with their families, whether it's joining in on an outdoor adventure or relaxing at home.

Choosing to welcome a UK field Golden Retriever into your home is a decision that promises to enrich your life significantly. Known for their intelligence, curiosity, and friendly demeanor, our Golden Retrievers seamlessly integrate into households, bringing joy and a warm presence.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the UK field Golden Retrievers. Whether you are already a proud owner or considering adding a Golden Retriever to your family, our site offers valuable insights and information to help you understand and appreciate the many virtues of these exceptional dogs.


Based in Brisbane, our Golden Retriever Stud operates with a clear mandate: to breed superior Field Golden Retrievers, a line with distinguished UK origins. These Field Golden Retrievers not only align with the historical breed standards set by Lord Tweedmouth in the 1800s but surpass them in aesthetics, intelligence, and temperament.

Our commitment is unwavering—we produce puppies that excel in health, temperament, and possess distinct physical traits, such as a smaller build and darker, almost red, golden coats. Our breeding program is rigorous, underscored by extensive health screening and strategic selection of sire and dam, ensuring the puppies we offer are of the highest caliber, ready to become loyal, affectionate companions and integral to their families.

The UK Field Golden Retrievers we specialize in are of a moderate size, weighing between 20-30kg, with shorter, richly colored coats.

Our breeding strategy, focuses on enhancing their innate intelligence, trainability, and loyalty, making them exemplary dogs across various roles.

Our stud is home to two males registered as therapy dogs, reflecting the breed's intrinsic affectionate and loving nature—a characteristic evident in their offspring, many of whom are also registered therapy dogs.

At Activ Goldens, our breeding practices are stringent, with a clear focus on utilizing only the finest UK-imported lines.

This approach is non-negotiable, ensuring the perpetuation and enhancement of the breed's noble characteristics.

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We honor the rich Scottish heritage of the Golden Retriever by importing exceptional field line bloodlines directly from Scotland —the birthplace of this magnificent breed. Our dedication to maintaining the integrity and enhancing the qualities of the original breed drives our selective breeding program. We believe that the Golden Retrievers from the UK are unparalleled, which is why our focus remains on these superior bloodlines.

Auchencloch Fairy Tale, affectionately known as Queen Nessy, was carefully selected to begin our breeding program. Her pedigree includes no fewer than six Field Champions within her first five generations, making her an outstanding foundation for our stud. Queen Nessy embodies all the traits we cherish—intelligence, agility, and a remarkable temperament.

In 2018, we expanded our family with an exciting male named Drummer from northern Scotland. Drummer boasts impressive lineage, sired by the successful Riley (Joyful Hugo of Philchris). Not only does Drummer excel in aesthetics and lineage, but he is also a certified Delta Therapy Dog and has earned his ANKC Obedience title, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of our Golden Retrievers.

At Activ Goldens, we are committed to using only 100% pure UK field line Golden Retriever bloodlines in our breeding program. This meticulous approach ensures that each puppy not only meets the highest standards of the breed but also carries the legacy of its distinguished ancestors. Join us in celebrating and continuing the legacy of the original field Golden Retriever, right from its Scottish roots.


At Activ Goldens, we view ourselves not merely as breeders but as devoted caretakers of the remarkable Golden Retriever breed. We take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness and a commitment to excellence.

Our mission is to breed dogs that come as close as possible to the ideal breed standard. While the concept of the "perfect" dog may seem elusive, it continuously guides all our breeding decisions. We are dedicated to constant improvement in every facet of our work—from importing superior bloodlines to enhance our own, to refining our puppy-raising methods and meticulously assessing the dogs chosen for our breeding program.

Our socialisation practices truly set us apart. Before our puppies head to their forever homes, they undergo comprehensive toilet training. They are also familiarised with a variety of sounds, such as thunder simulations, and become accustomed to travelling in cars and spending time in crates to ease travel and facilitate crate training. This thorough preparation ensures that each puppy is not only well-bred but also well-adjusted and ready to seamlessly integrate into their new family.

We go the extra mile to ensure that when you choose a puppy from Activ Goldens, you're not just getting a pet—you're adding a well-prepared, excellently bred family member with a remarkable pedigree.

Join the Activ Goldens family and experience the joy of raising a top-quality UK Golden Retriever.


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