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Bringing World class bloodlines to Australia.

Activ Goldens is a Brisbane based boutique Field Golden Retriever Stud, breeding a fully imported UK strain of Golden Retriever. 

The field Golden Retriever is very close in physical appearance, intelligence and temperament to the original breed created by Lord Tweedmouth dating back to the early 1800’s in Scotland.

The field Golden retrievers are generally smaller and have a shorter, much darker rich golden coat. The key breeding focus for the last 100 years since its creation is a highly intelligent, trainable, loyal dog making them incredible all round dogs. It also makes them an ideal family pet or competition Dog. 

All Activ Goldens are from 100 per cent UK imported lines in a pursuit to attain some of the best bloodlines in the world for our stud. 

All relevant health tests are conducted on our breeding dogs, including hip and elbow x-rays and eye, heart clearance certificates and DNA tests, which can be viewed on request.

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The Scottish Imports, Scotland being the birth place of the Golden Retriever breed we find it very fitting we have imported our bloodlines from the birth place of this amazing breed, the field golden retrievers are incredible dogs their intelligence surprise us on a daily basis. Our goal is to breed very close to its original breed only to hopefully improve it by using only the best available sires in the world, I personally believe the Golden Retrievers in the UK are superior which is why we have focused on bloodlines from there. 

Auchencloch Fairy Tale (Nessy) was chosen after much research with no less than six Field Champions in her first 5 generations. We could not have hoped for a better girl to start my stud, she is everything we hoped for and much more.
The stud has now retained a number of females from Nessy’s litters to be included in the breeding program by the No 1 sire in the UK, Echobrook Dexster.

Activgoldens Nelly, Sunny, Winx and Diva will be hitting the obedience trial ring very soon and with massive expectations on them due to the ability they have shown us. This is an extremely exciting time for the Stud as their potential is equal or above their wonderful mother.

In the last 12 months we purchased an exciting male “Drummer” from northern Scotland that will be arrived 2018, Drummer has magnificent bloodlines being by the very successful sire Riley (Joyful Hugo of Philchris)  
Activgoldens only use the field line Golden Retriever bloodlines in our breeding program, with great effort to ensure we have 100% pure field lines .


All our puppies are breed from 100% UK Field golden retrievers carefully selects from the very best bloodlines in the world

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