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"Activgoldens DEXSTER junior"


Born:  11/09/2020

Hips: 3:4 Elbows: 0:0

​- Eyes clear:  2022
- Heart check clear - 2022 

- DNA clear of any potential inherited disease
- Delta Therapy Dog
- Son of champion "Echobrook Dexster"

Please Note: 
We do not offer stud services for any of our dogs


"Dexster Junior" named in honor of his famous Father he is our first home breed sire with have used in Activ goldens. He is an amazing dog with a prefect temperament recently highlighted by him passing his therapy dog exam. 

Jr is a very affectionate, loving dog that loves to please making him extremely easy to train. He is a stunning looking dog who commands attention where ever he goes.



Located in Australia

Drumtochty Fergus (IMP UK)




Now in Australia

Born:  27/07/2018

Hips: 1:4 Elbows: 1:1

​- Eyes clear:  2022
- Heart check clear - 2022 

- DNA clear of any potential inherited disease
- Delta Therapy Dog



Drummer has an ANKC Obedience title, he is a Delta Therapy Dog and most of a beloved family pet. Drummer a very kind outgoing affectionate dog that is true to the breed in every way.


Born:  19/08/2009

Hips: 6:3 Elbows: 0:0

NCL5 : clear - 13th May 2019
ICT-A : Clear - 31st January 2017
GR PRA1 : Clear - 29th July 2013
GR PRA2 : Clear - 29th July 2013
Eyes: MRD/CPRA/GPRA/HC/ clear
Heart Tested - Pass 

Imported Semen


"Dexster" is owned By Mrs. Jackie Crew of Reevecrew Golden retrievers over in the UK and to quote Jackie "He really is a dog in a Lifetime".

Dexster has won 28 OPEN TESTS and  many TOP DOG awards and been in winning teams - in 2015 he won 5 open tests 2 of which were sugar beet opens to name a few: he won Windsor in 2013 against 160 dogs and then came second in 2014 
He was top dog at URC Area Finals in 2015, was top dog at Southern Inter-club match, Top Marking dog at Burleigh in 2014, winning team at Inter Counties 2014  and Top dog at Southern Interclub 2015 and Top Dog at Inter Counties 2016

When he competes, he competes against all breeds of dogs (and Wins!!) Coming from Australia I have only heard about the prestigious Windsor Trial and in 2013 he won it against 160 which really highlights the class of the dog, in 2014 he came second really showing his consistency.

For me personally I tried for 12 months to get a pup by him over in the UK and I was finding in very difficult due to his immense popularity. Waiting list's where full before I could enquire. The More I research this the dog the better I found him to be and more than I had to have a pup by him. I spoke to Numerous people both in Europe and the UK, every single person I spoke to gave him glowing reports and commending on how brilliant he is. My next research came into his success as a sire which he is a highly successful sire, two of Jackie’s other sires are by Dexster highlighting this fact.

Dexster also lives in the house with Jackie, sleeps on her lap at nights and loves going horse riding with her.  

Just an awesome Dog in every way...



Imported Semen

Winner - For last three consecutive years Dexster has been awarded:

"The Alison Nairn Stud Dog Progeny Cup"  

(Progeny gaining highest points at Championship Shows and Trials) 

"The FT Ch. Mazurka of Wynford Stud Dog Cup"

(Progeny gaining highest points at Field Trials) 

Making him Number ONE  Field Golden Retriever Sire in the UK!


Kaliture Red Pepper (Hemp) - OFTW 

Hemp has a great temperament, he loves everyone and he lives to please.

Personally when I saw the photos of Hemp and how stunning of dog he is, he really got my interest immediately, his stunning looks demand attention instantly.

I did further investigating asking around my UK friends and everyone commented on how much of an amazing dog he is in every way, a perfect temperament with brains. He has it all the looks, the brains and pedigree. His bloodlines are certainly an exciting addition to the Activ Goldens Stud. We are extremely excite to use his semen in the future.

Born:  02/03/2016

Hips: 3:3 Elbows: 0:0

​Eyes clear: 02/20/2017 to 14/01/2022
​Gonioscopy - PLA Grade 0
GR-PRA1: Clear
GR-PRA2: Clear
prcd-PRA: Clear
ICT-A Carrier
MD Clear



Imported Semen




Imported Semen

Field Trials
Labrador Retriever Club of Wales AV 1-day Open Stake - 01/11/2021 1st
Shropshire Gundog Society AV 1-day Open Stake - 19/10/2021 2nd
Labrador Retriever Club of Wales AV Novice Stake 04/10/2019 1st and Guns Choice
Usk Valley Working Gundog Club Novice Stake 26/09/2019 - Guns Choice
Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club All-Aged Stake 12/09/2019  3rd
​South Western Golden Retriever Club Novice Stake 25/10/2018 - COM and Guns Choice 

GRC Interclub event 2018
Organised by the GRC of Scotland and held on the wonderful Glenalmond Estate
Hemp ran in the Welsh team who were 3rd overall.
I am very proud to say Hemp was the highest scoring novice, and overall Top Dog

Working Tests
Usk Valley WGC AV Working Test 10/06/17 - 2nd in puppy test
Wye Valley Retriever Club AV Working Test 25/06/17 - 1st in puppy test
Worcestershire Gun Dog Society AV Working  Test 06/08/2017 - 2nd in puppy test
URC AV Working Test 02/06/2018 - 4th in novice test
South Western Golden Retriever Club Working Test 19/05/2019 - 4th in Open Test

Heasleydrive Golden Miller of Copperburn (OFTAW)

Imported Semen

Born:  04/07/2017

Hips: 6:3 Elbows: 0:0

Eye Examination : Unaffected - 19th April 2022
ICT-A : Clear - 28th August 2021
GR PRA1 : Clear - 30th August 2018
GR PRA2 : Clear - 30th August 2018




Imported Semen

Heasleydrive Golden Miller of Copperburn (OFTAW) - Champdogs

Miller moved from test awards to run consistently well in Field Trials last season, coming 4th in the GRC 24 Dog 2 Day Open in October 2021, and then 4th in the GRC All Aged.

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