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Training Tips

Training your dog should be a fun and enjoyable activity for both owner and dog alike, but especially for the dog and is as easy as 10mins morning and night. For the first 12 months it is vital for the development of your dog. In the early stages you teach your puppy to “learn” and more importantly to obey you the master and too have fun while doing it. A dog is a pack animal and survives on a pack order, they need it, they need you to be the pack leader and they actually want it as much as the will test you at times.

There are 5 basic rules to follow which if you do I promise you will have a sensational, amazing golden retriever that is a pleasure to have your family.

1. Make Training Fun!

2. Make Training Fun! It is that important I wrote it twice  :-)

3. Be consistent – When training everything is black and white for the dog. If its not OK for it to jump up on you when you are in work and dress clothes, never allowed to jump on you.

4. Be Firm - when needed, the tone in your voice is the key to all training

5. Spend 20 mins every single day specifically on training – Before you exercise train your dog for 10 mins

6. Be positive – Positive reinforcement is the best training technique


In the Bag !

Is a great training book the covers all your training. Its relative for all dog breeds, not just Labs as the cover suggests and goes through all the dogs basic training for puppies which I find is spot on.

I highly recommend it. 

It can be found on many places on the internet.

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